Aliveda and the Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation, united for scientific research.

“Without scientific research, it is neither possible to achieve nor conceive any form of change.” This statement represents the guiding principle that inspires the Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation, which has been committed for years to raising awareness of and recognizing diseases resulting from eating disorders. We are proud to announce our collaboration with the Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation, aimed at promoting targeted scientific research to find innovative solutions to support therapy in these still largely unexplored areas. Aliveda is committed to achieving tangible results to provide effective solutions to individuals affected by eating disorders and their families, fully respecting the will of the Lilla Foundation and investing in research and development of formulations that meet the specific needs of these patients in support of existing therapies. Through a scientific approach based on the analysis of available data for the study of eating disorders, we intend to contribute to improving the lives of people affected by these conditions and their families, knowing that the path to recovery requires a joint effort that brings together the world of research and organizations dedicated to the care and assistance of those involved. We are grateful to the Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation for involving us in this common challenge.

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