Aliveda Event Sponsor: Microbiota and Human Health

Aliveda participated as a sponsor in the ‘Microbiota and Human Health’ event, held in Pisa on 15 September at the impressive M.A.C.C. Meeting Art Craft Centre.

During the event, we had the opportunity to present Aliveda through a dedicated exhibition space.

-The Intestinal Microbiota, Fundamental in Preserving Human Health-

This was the in-depth theme of the congress, and was addressed in light of the growing evidence from genomic, proteomic and metabolomic research.

The in-depth sessions particularly analysed the link between gut dysbiosis and various diseases, including irritable bowel syndrome, metabolic diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular risk, vaginosis and vaginitis. We would like to express our deep gratitude to Dr. Antonio Romano, the Scientific Director of the event, for the exceptional organisation and to all the speakers who shared valuable scientific knowledge with the community present. It was a privilege to be part of this important opportunity for learning and growth.

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