Aliveda: Innovation and Quality in Research & Development

Aliveda has taken a significant step in monitoring and ensuring the quality is safety of probiotic products with the purchase of the MinION Mk1b sequencing device from Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONTs). An investment that demonstrates the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards and adopting innovative technologies to advance research and manufacturing.

The adoption of ONTs enables Aliveda to explore new frontiers in product safety and quality. Thanks to MinION’s ability to sequence long DNA and RNA chains accurately and rapidly, Aliveda researchers can accurately identify and characterize the different taxa of microbial communities contained in probiotics, improving the quality and efficacy of products brought to market.

Science in the Service of Wellness

Aliveda is dedicated to turning scientific discoveries into practical solutions to improve people’s lives. With the support of ONTs, the company is now better able than ever to offer innovative, high-quality products that reflect its commitment to excellence and health care.

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