Aliveda invests in Research & Development: acquires Antaris II FT-NIR by Thermo Fisher.

Aliveda is constantly committed to Research & Development of high-quality products to support the well-being and health of consumers.

In line with this mission, we have decided to invest in improving our production processes to develop only excellent products. To this end, we have acquired Antaris II FT-NIR Thermo Fisher Scientific, a device based on FT-NIR (Near Infrared) spectroscopy, an analytical technique that allows the acquisition and analysis of spectral information from a sample.

Specifically, with this technology, it is possible to acquire the absorption spectrum in the near-infrared range (wavelengths between 750 nm and 2500 nm) to obtain information that enables the identification, quantification, and analysis of the chemical, physical, or structural composition of a sample.

FT-NIR represents cutting-edge technology in quality control and safety, enabling accurate and rapid analysis with reliable and precise results.

Thanks to the use of this innovative tool, we will be able to monitor and control production processes in real-time, ensuring the uniformity of the composition of our dietary supplements without altering their properties.

This is another step forward for Aliveda in providing consumers with reliable and safe products, reaffirming our position as a reference point for innovation and quality in the dietary supplement market.

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