Aliveda and the Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation, united for scientific research.

“Without scientific research, it is neither possible to achieve nor conceive any form of change.” This statement represents the guiding principle that inspires the Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation, which has been committed for years to raising awareness of and recognizing diseases resulting from eating disorders. We are proud to announce our collaboration with the Fiocchetto Lilla […]

The newspaper La Repubblica, talks about Aliveda.

We are pleased to share the article from La Repubblica, entirely dedicated to Aliveda. The article highlights the strengths that have built the success of the first 10 years of activity. Our growth is the result of continuous investments in research and development, but it is also synonymous with attention to innovation in synergy with […]

Hospital meeting: Aliveda Presented Glucond and Glucotend to the attending doctors

On Thursday, February 9th, an hospital meeting was held at the -Casa di Cura Nuova Itor in Rome, focusing on the use of supplements with innovative active ingredients in the orthopedic field. On that occasion, Giulia Della Scala, Medical affairs of Aliveda, Alberto Butelli, Area Manager, and Mariagrazia Cicala, our informant operating in Rome, presented […]

On Friday April 28th, it held a meeting between Aliveda and the Piffetti Medical Center

On Friday, April 28th, the Medical Affairs of Aliveda, represented by Dr. Lucia Chico and Massimo Gorga, Area Manager, attended an important hospital meeting at the Piffetti Medical Center in Turin, aimed at General Practitioners. During the meeting, some of Aliveda’s products for patient well-being were presented, including Cisticron for the treatment of all types […]