Mitochondrial Medicine – The Genomit Initiative

In the context of the “Pisan Neurological Days 2023,” held in Pisa from Nov. 16 to 18 and promoted by Professor Gabriele Siciliano (Director of the Neurological Clinic of the Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Pisana), the Meeting “Mitochondrial Medicine – The Genomit Initiative” was held, organized by Professor Michelangelo Mancuso, a neurologist and professor at the University […]

Aliveda meets the gastroenterologists

Our Hospital Meetings continue with an exciting presentation of the Colicron line at the Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital in Bagno a Ripoli (FI), dedicated exclusively to gastroenterology professionals.During this important meeting, Dr Linda Balestrini, Medical Director of Aliveda, enthusiastically introduced the two new products belonging to the Colicron Aliveda family. Thanks to an impeccable synergy […]

Aliveda meets the gastroenterologists of Grosseto

We are pleased to have organised a Hospital Meeting, held at the Misericordia Hospital in Grosseto, aimed at gastroenterology specialists. During the meeting, Aliveda’s medical management, represented by Dr Linda Balestrini, presented two new Aliveda products from the Colicron family line. Thanks to a synergic combination of active ingredients, both are useful for promoting gastrointestinal […]

Aliveda Event Sponsor: Microbiota and Human Health

Aliveda participated as a sponsor in the ‘Microbiota and Human Health’ event, held in Pisa on 15 September at the impressive M.A.C.C. Meeting Art Craft Centre. During the event, we had the opportunity to present Aliveda through a dedicated exhibition space. -The Intestinal Microbiota, Fundamental in Preserving Human Health- This was the in-depth theme of […]

Colicron family: natural innovation for intestinal well-being

Aliveda is delighted to introduce Colicron DUO and Colicron RULE, two new products in the Colicron range designed to enhance intestinal health. This underscores our commitment to providing branded solutions for a wide range of gastroenterological disorders. Colicron Duo effectively addresses inflammatory bowel conditions with its potent blend of ingredients.Berberine and Quercetin work together to […]

Kick-off 2023: Growth, Leadership, and Belonging

Growth, leadership, and belonging; these three words were the guiding principles of Aliveda’s recent kick-off event. It provided a boost of motivation for our post-holiday restart. At Aliveda, we place great importance on training as a fundamental pillar. During these two days, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in an intense experience of personal […]

Aliveda invests in Research & Development: acquires Antaris II FT-NIR by Thermo Fisher.

Aliveda is constantly committed to Research & Development of high-quality products to support the well-being and health of consumers. In line with this mission, we have decided to invest in improving our production processes to develop only excellent products. To this end, we have acquired Antaris II FT-NIR Thermo Fisher Scientific, a device based on […]

Aliveda met with otorhinolaryngology specialists

Aliveda met with otorhinolaryngology specialists during the Hospital meetings held in Viterbo and Nettuno (RM) in recent weeks. During the meetings, Aliveda’s Medical Management, along with Alberto Butelli, Area Manager, and Aliveda’s ISFs in the area, presented products that support otorhinolaryngological conditions. Among these products is Acuton, a dietary supplement based on extracts of Auricularia, […]

Aliveda and the Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation, united for scientific research.

“Without scientific research, it is neither possible to achieve nor conceive any form of change.” This statement represents the guiding principle that inspires the Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation, which has been committed for years to raising awareness of and recognizing diseases resulting from eating disorders. We are proud to announce our collaboration with the Fiocchetto Lilla […]

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