Gynaecology congress in Genoa

In the picturesque setting of Genoa, a major event in the field of medicine was held, with the focus turned towards the evolution of medical practice towards precision medicine.
Professionals in gynaecology from the Genoa area contributed to making the meeting a moment of high-level discussion and debate.
The honorary chairmen of the event, Prof. Mario Valenzano Menada, Prof. Daniele Friedman and Prof. Claudio Gambini, added prestige and expertise to the discussion, emphasising the importance of advancing towards a more personalised medicine, capable of adapting to the specificities of each individual.
The event, focused on the gynaecological field, addressed topics of relevant scientific interest. Among the various topics covered were urogynecology, fascial to prosthetic surgery, endometriosis, and gynaecological cancers. The speeches and presentations offered an in-depth look at these topics, promoting a constructive dialogue between professionals.
Aliveda, represented by Massimo Gorga, Area Manager Northern Italy, and Fabrizio Pellegrini ISF Aliveda, highlighted the company’s commitment to promoting and supporting innovation in the field of precision medicine, demonstrating constant attention to the latest frontiers of medical research.
This congress took the form of a meeting and exchange between experts in the gynaecological field, highlighting the importance of collaborating.

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