The power of Nature, innovation of Science.

From love for nature and science

In 1978, at the age of 8, Doctor Maico Polzella understands that plants are his passion and begins his first experiments: his goal is to find natural remedies to help people regain well-being.

In 2013, after years of effort and sacrifice, he founded the Aliveda Laboratories, a reality destined to become a center of excellence and global quality in nutraceuticals.

Today Aliveda has over 30 employees and a scientific staff made up of important names, including Dr. Alberto Butelli, Dr. Linda Balestrini and Dr. Andrea Fornasiero.

The Aliveda Laboratories also collaborate with the Department of Experimental Medicine of the University of Pisa, offering support to researchers and developing in vitro experimentation projects, based on active ingredients of natural origin.

Our formula acts on the causes and not only on symptoms of the pathologies

With the common dietary supplements, patients find a temporary and transient wellness. On the contrary, the Aliveda phytotherapic dietary supplements act on the real causes of the pathologies, with an integrated and holistic approach, consistent with the traditional medicine. In this way, we counteract and solve the problems at their origins.


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What do we find behind Aliveda?

Laboratori Aliveda is a research-, development-, manufacturing- and marketing-oriented company of phytotherapic dietary supplements.

The real value of Aliveda, which differentiate it from its competitors is the possibility to manage the whole manufacturing chain: from the supplying of the raw materials, to the development of innovative formulas, to the manufacturing and the commercialization of the products.

Always caring about your health

Aliveda is an innovative brand with the specific aim of helping people improving their physiological conditions and reaching their natural wellness.


We deeply study the pathologies, we confront with doctors, then we develop test formulas.


We developed a revolutionary concept of phytotherapy, which taps into the natural heritage and the traditional knowledge.


We apply a strict scientific method and innovative advanced technologies, which allow us to develop unique products.


We carry on clinical trials and collaboration with doctors to constantly improve our products and identify new formulations.


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