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On Wednesday 12, the inauguration of the new national headquarters of the Fiocchetto Lilla foundation, was held in Grosseto, an event that brought together a variety of leading figures with the aim of renewing commitment to an often neglected therapeutic area and highlighting each participant’s contribution to this mission.

Our collaboration with the Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation, which began in 2023, is based on an ambitious research project aimed at discovering new approaches to better interpret and understand eating disorders. Dr. Linda Balestrini had the opportunity to illustrate the progress of the research work carried out by the entire Aliveda R&D Team, emphasizing the importance of innovation and scientific research in this field.

We have resolutely accepted the challenge issued by the Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation, despite the complexity of the subject, as we are dealing with conditions that have a profound social impact. We firmly believe that everyone must contribute; Aliveda is fully committed to doing its part.

We firmly believe that research initiatives such as this, can lead to a greater understanding of eating disorders. Special thanks to the Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation for the invitation and best wishes for the success of the new office in Grosseto. Together, let us continue to work for a better future.

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