Medichestorie, The Human Side of Medicine

2024 marks the opening of a new chapter for Aliveda with the exciting launch of ‘Medichestorie’. We are delighted to celebrate our 10 years in business by producing this volume dedicated to the human side of medicine, conveying emotional stories told by doctors.
Medichestorie, The Human Side of Medicine, is a work that not only excites, but also stimulates deep reflection on human challenges and triumphs in the medical field.

The positive response to this project has prompted us to start collecting texts for the second volume, planned for 2024/2025. We wish to open up this extraordinary opportunity to all those who wish to share and give voice to meaningful experiences, helping to further delineate the panorama of the human side of medicine.

What started out as a modest project has turned into a great achievement for us.

Thanks again to all those who helped make this journey into the world of medicine with an authentic and humanised perspective possible. We look forward to the future and to new opportunities to share stories that inspire and connect the medical community with people.

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