Microbiota e Salute Umana (Microbiota and human health): Aliveda matches with gastroenterologist and gynecologist on the role of intestinal microbiota on gut and vaginal health

The meeting “Microbiota e Salute Umana 2021” (Microbiota and human health) held at Grand Hotel Duomo in Pisa, on the 26th November 2021. The event, at its third edition, is a meeting occasion between doctors, interested in the human microbiota, and companies, to share their knowledge and to promote new collaborations and opportunities.
Aliveda participates with Dr. Linda Balestrini, Medical Director, Dr. Alessandro Toscano, CCO, and Dr. Nicoletta Grittani, medical and scientific informant in Pisa.
Dr. Balestrini had the opportunity to give a speech on Aliveda and to focus the ingredients composing the product Colicron. She presented the role of probiotics, Palmitoylethanolamide, Undaria and Hericium erinaceus as treatment for the irritable bowel syndrome and other intestinal pathologies characterized by dysbiosis and inflammation. A complex and complete product as Colicron can also be used as adjuvant in the treatment of gynecological diseases, such as vaginitis, cystitis, candidiasis, thanks to the synergy between the ingredients.
Aliveda registered much interest toward the speech and its stand, where it had the chance to confront with gastroenterologist and gynecologist on its products in these medical areas.
The positive feedback coming from this event pushes Aliveda to focus on next events and occasions to meet and confront with medical professionals.

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