Statins and Coenzyme Q10

Statins are the most effective treatment to reduce cholesterol in blood available at the moment, so they are considered a good help to reduce the incidence of serious cardio-vascular diseases. Statins are present in nature and they are produced by some mushrooms; now, non-natural statins are used, they are chemically synthetized, to produce drugs and other products to treat hyperlipidemia.
In particular, statins inhibit the activity of the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase: at the end of this reaction, indeed, cholesterol is produced. However, a by-product of this reaction is Coenzyme Q10, a fundamental molecule for the energetic metabolism of our cells, since it is a fundamental element of the electron transport chain in the mitochondria. Coenzyme Q10 shortage determines mitochondrial malfunctioning, which reduces the intracellular capacity of ATP production.
In consequence of this, one of the most common side effect of statins assumption is statin induced myopathy. With the concept of myopathy, we intend a group of disorders of the muscular system, caused by the incorrect functioning of muscle fibers. Statin induced myopathy causes weakness or myalgia, hypersensitivity and muscle stiffness, cramps and articular pains.
Coenzyme Q10 administration through dietary supplement, together with statins therapy, represents a strategy to counteract the side effects, it favors the muscle wellness, helps to reduce the fatigue and, in general, maintaining the good physical efficiency and the correct energetic metabolism.

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